Playlist March 5. 2024

Article published at: Mar 5, 2024 Article author: Sam Phillips
Playlist March 5. 2024
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I'm working on a lot of shit right now so I don't got time to write a whole bunch of long thought out stuff. We got a store opening in April in Covington, KY and we'll be announcing a licensing agreement with one of the all time great country and western singers soon. But until then, here's some songs.

Ain't Nothing To Me - Johnny Winter

Paradise - John Denver (yes Denver not Prine)

Lookin For Love - Johnny Lee

Honey Dew - Jimmy Carter and Dallas County Green

I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water - Stonewall Jackson

Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man - Gram Parsons

Please Be With Me - Cowboy (Duane Allman's on the song)

Roll Um Easy - Little Feat

Pride of Cucamonga - Grateful Dead

Ballad Of A Thin Man - Bob Dylan