No Naked Biker Chicks

No Naked Biker Chicks



So... Instagram likes to censor already censored pictures of adult women from 40 years ago.

Like this:



They do however let borderline child-porn exist on their platform so explain that shit to me. 

Losers keep reporting it for some reason. Maybe it confuses them, makes them feel all weird and they don't know how to handle it. But since I can't risk losing the LFDW instagram account I gotta quit. Kind of.

All that shit will now be here and in the LFDW Magazine coming later this fall (Anyone got a name by the way? That would be great I can't think of anything. If you name it I'll send you a shirt).

They can't censor me on my own site. So for now here you go, get your fix. Unedited and uncensored. 


BTW: Someone messaged me about this picture (above) and told me it was their mom.


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